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Alexa Rank is a global ranking system that estimates the relative popularity of websites based on a combination of estimated daily unique visitors and estimated page views over the past three months. It is a popular metric used by many website owners and SEO professionals to gauge their website's relative success. Some of useful Alexa ranking statistics parameters are Search Traffic percentage, Bounce rate percentage, Total Sites linking to that website, Top Keyword of Website.

Here are some key points to remember about Alexa Rank:

Lower rank, higher popularity: Websites with lower Alexa ranks are considered to be more popular than those with higher ranks. A rank of 1 indicates the most popular website globally, while a rank in the millions indicates a less popular website.
Estimated data: Alexa Rank uses data from the Alexa Toolbar, which millions of users have installed on their browsers. This data is combined with other sources to estimate website traffic.
Limited scope: Alexa Rank only measures website traffic from users with the Alexa Toolbar installed, which could be a small percentage of the total internet user population. This can lead to inaccuracies, particularly for niche websites.
Not a direct SEO ranking factor: Alexa Rank itself is not a direct ranking factor in search engines like Google. However, the factors that contribute to a good Alexa Rank (high traffic and engagement) are also likely to have a positive impact on your website's SEO.

Here are some ways SEO Alexa Rank can be helpful:

Benchmarking: You can use Alexa Rank to compare your website's popularity to other websites in your industry or niche.
Identifying trends: You can track your Alexa Rank over time to see if your website's popularity is increasing or decreasing.
Setting goals: You can set goals for improving your Alexa Rank, which can help you focus your SEO efforts.

Here are some limitations of SEO Alexa Rank:

Not accurate for all websites: As mentioned earlier, Alexa Rank is only accurate for websites that have a significant number of users with the Alexa Toolbar installed.
Not a direct SEO ranking factor: While Alexa Rank can be a helpful indicator of a website's popularity, it does not directly impact search engine rankings.
Can be manipulated: There are ways to artificially inflate Alexa Rank, which can make it a less reliable metric.

Here are some alternative SEO metrics you can use:

Organic traffic: The amount of traffic your website receives from search engines.
Backlinks: The number and quality of websites that link to your website.
Keyword rankings: The position of your website in search results for specific keywords.
Conversion rate: The percentage of visitors who take a desired action on your website.
Overall, SEO Alexa Rank can be a useful tool for understanding your website's relative popularity and setting goals for improvement. However, it is important to remember that it is just one metric and should not be the only factor you consider when evaluating your SEO success.

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